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War of the Worlds Episode 4: Oculus Gloves, Android Wear 2.0, Samsung's new battery troubles, and more By IDG.TV Can a new interface tool boost interest in Oculus? Will Android Wear 2.0 get people excited for wearables? Jason Cross and Gordon Ung tackle these and other tech topics. ...Read More »
The Future of Passwords and Authentication By IDG.TV Ping Identity's Patrick Harding joins Infoworld's Fahmida Rashid to take a look into the future of passwords and authentication for our increasingly complex online lives. ...Read More »
Cybersecurity and the Cloud in 2017 By IDG.TV Infoworld Senior Writer Fahmida Rashid chats with Palo Alto Networks' CSO Rick Howard about the biggest cybersecurity challenges facing businesses working in the cloud in 2017. ...Read More »
What I don't like about the iPad Pro By IDG.TV iOS on the iPad isn't all it could be? Here are a few ideas on how to fix it. ...Read More »
What I don't like about the iPad Pro By IDG.TV iOS on the iPad isn't all it could be? Here are a few ideas on how to fix it. ...Read More »
How to use Microsofts Paint 3D app By IDG.TV Paint 3D is coming with the Windows 10 Creators Update. But we can show you how to create cool 3D scenes right now. ...Read More »
Berks Perspectives By Clip Syndicate Topics of discussion include: Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf's proposed 2017-18 budget; possible consolidation of the PA State college system; Super Bowl commercials (and the wild game itself); United States immigration and refugee policy; President Trump; Steve Bannon; the invocation of Senate Rule 19 on Senator Elizabeth Warren during the Attorney General confirmation hearing. With panelists Chuck Gallagher, Fred Levering and Fred Opalinski. ...Read More »
Special VR Report By Miles Weston Shortly after his return from the Dubai International Film Festival (DIFF), we caught up with Lewis Smithingham, president of 30ninjas at CES in Las Vegas where he was busy shooting and producing VR (virtual reality) content for a number of the leading firms that were unveiling new VR products. Smithingham had been invited to DIFF to discuss the potential for immersive storytelling in the region. ...Read More »
Does Apple need to reinvent the iPhone? By IDG.TV Apple recently revealed that the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus were instant bestsellers. So, what does this mean for the future of the ?boring iPhone? ...Read More »
Arrival: Gravity Shift Sequence By Ko Maruyama If you haven't had a chance to see it in theaters, it's releasing to home video soon. Check out the VFX process of a key scene in the film. A little spoilery - but you'll still want to check out the movie yourself. ...Read More »
3 Ways to Speed Up Windows 10 By IDG.TV Windows 10's settings offer a few surprising ways to make the OS run faster. ...Read More »
Contribute to SCRATCH VR Suite 8.6 Open-Beta; Includes Stitching and Expanded HDR ASSIMILATE today announced its most aggressive products update to date with an open-Beta for SCRATCH 8.6 and the SCRATCH VR Suite 8.6, the latest versions of its advanced, real-time post-production tools and workflow -- VR/360 and 2D/3D content, from dailies, to conform, grading, compositing, and finishing. Both open-Beta versions give all content creators and post artists the opportunity to actively use the full suite of SCRATCH and SCRATCH VR tools, while evaluating and submitting requests and recommendations for additional features or updates. ...Read More »
Mingis on Tech: Floating solar panels, a VR update -- and Tom Brady? By IDG.TV Our tech trio takes a look at the latest in solar tech -- panels being installed on water -- checks in on the state of VR and offers kudos to the new Super Bowl champs. ...Read More »
Flash review: Ultimaker 3 3D printer By IDG.TV Computerworld puts the Ultimaker 3 fused-filament 3D printer through its paces -- in 30 seconds. ...Read More »
Director Shoots Car Chase Film With JVC GY-LS300 Camcorder In the motion picture industry, previsualization helps filmmakers provide proof of concept by shooting quick, unpolished versions of complex scenes. Director and action DP Lawrence Ribeiro has directed and shot more than 100 sequences for various films and commercials. When directing his own short film, The Chase, Ribeiro wanted a slick finished product, so he shot with the GY-LS300 4KCAM handheld Super 35 camcorder from JVC Professional Video. ...Read More »
Security Sessions: The CSO's role in active shooter planning By IDG.TV In the latest episode of Security Sessions, CSO Editor-in-chief Joan Goodchild speaks with Imad Mouline, CTO at Everbridge, about how involved CSOs need to be with planning for an active shooter or other emergency at their company. While many leave physical security to others in the company, the CSO can be key to determining communications plans for alerting employees. ...Read More »
Smart Cities: Montreal By IDG.TV Montreal's smart city strategy is built on strong partnerships with its vibrant community of startups. Computerworld braved a blustery winter storm to see what this Quebecois city has to offer. ...Read More »
Most Talked About Super Bowl Ads By Clip Syndicate While the talk this morning will be about the New England Patriots comeback win against the Atlanta Falcons, the Super Bowl commercials will certainly have many others talking around the water cooler today. ...Read More »
Super What? By Clip Syndicate While hundreds of millions of Americans flopped on sofas and relaxed in recliners this evening to watch the game. Millions of other people couldn't have cared a less about the big game festivities. For reasons such as no interest in football or their team was knocked out of the running a long time ago. So these people are enjoying shorter lines at the local discount stores and quick seating at some local Restaurants. Sophia Timmermeyer/Super Bowl What: "Just not into football (laughter) that much and it's not my team I don't really care. Except for the commercials are funny but that's about it. Isabelle Schmidtberger/Super Bowl What: "I'll probably go to the mall and go to Petland and play with the puppies (laughter). That's a good question I don't know I just it's not really my sport that I really like so. I don't know what's the point of watching yeah I probably just go to Petland and play with puppies." ? So for some non-football fans, this is a day just for getting out and enjoying what they love. ...Read More »
This robotic barista never needs a coffee break By IDG.TV Cafe X is the first fully autonomous coffee shop in the United States. ...Read More »
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